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Teaching is essential, not only for each student to learn in order to obtain the best results, but also for the teacher in order to progress and improve through the work of teaching. Secrecy cannot be part of our art, and who thinks it, he is not an artist, but essentially an artisan.

 That is why many years ago in my magical convention, the "EUROPEAN CLOSE-UP MAGIC SYMPOSIUM", I had already offered to members some private one-to-one sessions with teachers. And it was the first time in the world that it happened in a Magic Convention.

This is the description of my courses: 


The First course


The Second Course


At the end of each course you will have a diploma signed by me, and you will be able to perform in your show any effect and routine contained in my book and on my DVDs, but also unpublished sleights that I have never published. I guarantee you that with the level of "Doctor of Coin Magic" you will amaze both an audience of laymen and magicians, also specialists of coin magic.  

Contact me by email and I will give you all the detailed information.

Master of Coin Magic
Doctor of Coinmagic
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